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Our roots come from the “Wareco Convenience/Gas Stations” founded in 1930 by Claude Ware which is our current President Tom Ware’s Grandfather. We strive to bring those traditions into DTW. Many of our executives worked for Wareco with a combination of nearly 100 years of retail experience, we run our stores with the same philosophies as Wareco.

Our first tobacco store was in Jacksonville, Illinois in 2008. We have since grown to 12 stores across Illinois and Eastern Missouri, our plan is to continue growth across both states.

We have found a niche in the tobacco industry where we go into small to mid-sized towns and work off very low margins. We also provide a very large selection of tobacco products to our customers.

We try to build our business by offering extremely low tobacco prices and a large selection of tobacco while offering exceptional customer service. A well merchandised and clean store help us build a great image from the past “run down” image many tobacco stores in the industry portray. The store motto is “DISCOUNT, SELECTION, SERVICE…THAT’S HOW WE ROLL!!”

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